The best of 2012 according to Flippy’s totally biased opinion.


8d1Overly attached girlfriend is a meme that appeared in the middle of 2012 and it’s still very popular six months later. Considering the average lifespan of a meme on the Internet, 6 months is an eternity.

Overly attached girlfriend is the perfect combination of funny, creepy and cute. It all started when 21 year old, Laina Morris (despite common misconception, her last name is not Walker), decided to participate in a contest where she had to take a video of herself singing a Justin Bieber song, but with different lyrics. The lyrics she wrote talked about how possessive she was about her boyfriend, whom she addressed in the song. While she’s far from being a good singer, the lyrics are actually funny and clever. My favorite part is when she informs her boyfriend the number AND names of the children they’re going to have.

However, the real treat is watching this girl’s expressions. She can give Jim Carrey a run for his money. Whether she pretends she’s angry or excited, she’s a joy to watch. Most of all, those eyes. It is mostly for her deep, creepy and intense eyes that she became famous. When she opens them really big and smiles at the camera, you can’t help but feel creeped out. At the same time, she’s really pretty, which creates a love-hate bittersweet look that the Internet fell in love with. Somebody took a shot of that frame and a meme was born.

The meme took a life of its own, featuring her intense face and open eyes and phrases that, typical of memes, start with a so-so, regular situation but end up with an extreme and radical punchline about the lengths her possessiveness and jealousy will take her. My favorite one, ironically, it’s one of the few that doesn’t talk about her obsessive clinging to her boyfriend, but one that uses the “I don’t usually…, but when I do…” meme: “I don’t usually make Youtube videos, but when I do, I creep out the whole Internet.”

The meme touched a fiber in Latin America for some reason, and it became even more popular there. Facebook pages dedicated to her popped all over the place. The most interesting part of these pages is that girls submit their true stories about how possessive they are and the trials they make their boyfriends go through. These stories are even scarier than the memes because they allegedly happened.

Laina, the girl behind the meme, has also proven to be very unique. Most people who become memes either despair over it or try to use their 15 minutes of fame to land a role in a movie or TV show (I’ve yet to see one that succeeds). Laina on the other hand, has someone managed to stay sane and simple and the fame hasn’t gone to her head. She also does quite a bit of AdamWesting, making fun of herself and exploiting her famous expression and character. And instead of trying to become a TV star, you know what she uses her Internet fame for? Raising money for charity. It doesn’t hurt that she comes through as a genuinely charming and sweet girl.

So, that’s why Overly Attached Girlfriend is my meme of the year. I would like to hear about YOUR meme of the year. In the comments below, tell me what your meme of the year was and why.


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  1. Bet she has some overly attached fan boys. Jus’ sayin.

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