THE BEST OF 2012: YouTube Clip

The best of 2012 according to Flippy’s totally biased opinion.

Gangnam Style (featuring Hyuna)

I feel a bit silly saying what Gangnam Style is, with over a billion hits on Youtube, there’s no one without Internet that doesn’t know what Gangnam Style is.

So why is it my Youtube Clip of the year? Well, it has one billion hits on Youtube, and it’s the most watched video in the whole history. Although to be honest, I am selecting the version that features Hyuna, which “only” has recevied 200 million hits.

Gangnam Style featuring Hyuna is a much more polished version of the original video, without a lot of the goofiness and randomness that was included in the first video. This is a good or a bad thing, depending on your taste.

Personally, I like the dancing better in this version, the choreography is much more catchy and I found myself imitating or just feeling the movements. The song was a proven thing, so there’s that as well. In addition, it contains both a female and male voice to the lyrics.

But mostly, it’s Hyuna. She’s amazing. And I don’t think it’s just the great looks, although that is certainly a part of it. When I watched the original video, the moment she appeared on it, it caught my total and unconditional attention. It was just that kind of WOW moment. And I must not have been the only one since they made the video again just to give her a much more prominent role in it.

Another thing that I got from the video is how we are deep down still wired like primates and attracted to the worship of the alpha males and females that PSY and Hyuna clearly are.

Also, this version still carries the satire of the glorification of wealth that the original was so loved for. The nouveau rich are a perfectly acceptable target. The low classes see them as pretentious and the higher classes see them as petty. The middle classes, which would be the ones who would sympathize with them the most, see them as unsuccessful, since they managed to achieve financial success, while completely failing at acquiring the good taste needed to move up the social ladder.

Lastly, Gangnam Style, with or without Hyuna, is the first K-pop song that is successful in the western world. There are people who say that J-pop is becoming too mainstream and that it will be soon be eclipsed by K-pop. I can’t predict what happened but it is through Gangnam Style that I ventured into K-pop and fell in love with the frienznet proyect and specially with J Rabbit, which is my current favorite musical group.

So that’s why Gangnam Style featuring Hyuna is my YouTube clip of the year. I would like to hear about YOUR YouTube clip of the year. In the comments below, tell me what your YouTube clip of the year was and why.


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When not working, eating, or sleeping, I like to spend time playing video games, watching videos on Youtube, studying, writing, or reading cool and funny stuff online.
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One Response to THE BEST OF 2012: YouTube Clip

  1. I felt the same way when I first saw Hyuna in the “mainstream” version. The girl has charisma like a neon halo. And I agree with you: I prefer the second one (although it is less original than the first) just because it is so elegant and sexy.

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