The best of 2012 according to Flippy’s totally biased opinion.



Good articles, low price.

This was a very close call. Ultimately, Cracked won because it was more influential whereas others were just fun.

One thing I like about cracked is that it’s very informative. There’s a bit for everyone. If you’re a history fan, there are plenty of interesting articles about war and famous historical figures. Is technology your thing? Read about gadgets and gizmos and trends. Most major hobbies are covered, including movies and video games.

Of course, new media is also covered, and it’s one of my favorite parts. While it’s no specialist, cracked gives you the current trends on all the new memes, youtube videos, fanfics, webcomics and other types of online entertainment. And while it’s stuff mostly aimed at the English speaking market, it contains some non-English jewels that we, citizens of the world, like. For example, it was through cracked that I found my current favorite musical group: JRabbit, a couple of very talented girls from Korea.

A surprising facet of Cracked is that there are some articles about life, personal development, relationships, life from the point of view of a woman (which gives us, ignorant males the perspective that we lack to understand how a woman lives life), etc. There are even a few motivational ones that really get you fired up.

But even if you’re just a troll, the comment sections let you troll to your hearth contents with little repercussions. Of course, if you decide to dish it, prepare to take it as well.

Not all articles are great, and not all the subjects are to your interest, but then again, with such a great variety of subjects that’s to be expected. Also, the site offers other things, like videos and photoshop contests, which are also amusing.

Finally, Cracked was influential for me because I actually got advice from it that benefited my life. Probably the best one was “quit whining like a small bitch and do something with your life.” I’m paraphrasing but it worked.

So, that’s why is my website of the year. I would like to hear about YOUR website of the year. In the comments below, tell me what your website of the year is and why.





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When not working, eating, or sleeping, I like to spend time playing video games, watching videos on Youtube, studying, writing, or reading cool and funny stuff online.
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